Sales Representative

PROJUM offers expertise, experience, and international contacts for the successful establishment of your company's representation abroad.

Successful expansion with a reliable partner.

Different countries, different customs. Successfully expanding means more than opening a branch in another country. It involves legal frameworks, technical knowledge, understanding of corporate culture, ... and above all, it's about trust. 

First Steps

You have a product you want to sell on the global market? But where to start? In his role as a Presales Consultant, Günther Strauss has already assisted over 5 companies in successfully establishing sales in 11 countries, such as Hungary, Kazakhstan, and Kenya. PROJUM clarifies with you in advance all, truly all, relevant questions about your sales plans and advises you on strategy and location selection. The PROJUM network with contacts to the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO), regional and international networks, and financing institutions opens the first doors.

When it comes to international sales, it's about having a market-ready product for which demand can be specifically aroused or met locally. A local representation allows your company to be in the right place at the right time and to build sales in a targeted and effective manner

Criticism and openness as success factor

Globalization opens the world market to companies for international sales. Expanding into a market is already a challenge in your home country. PROJUM supports you in advance with extensive expertise. Günther Strauss travels to your target countries, critically assesses risks and potentials for your products, and only after a successful SWOT assessment, proceeds with you to the next steps.

Sound decision basis

Expansion always involves investing money. A solid business plan is the basis for arranging the necessary financing. Günther Strauss has conducted feasibility studies for the World Bank, held discussions with local partners, adapted and presented customer presentations, and arranged suitable financing with local banks, among other tasks. He has guided over 4 companies in establishing themselves internationally. PROJUM has built a network of contacts and partner organizations focusing on IT, toll technology, ITS, and currently smart solar solutions.


Successfully launching sales requires not only a local presence but also a reliable local contact familiar with business practices, cultural customs, understanding of commercial partnerships, and legal frameworks. Personal contacts play an important role. Through ongoing reporting, PROJUM ensures continuous monitoring of sales activities. You keep track and can successfully manage your sales with PROJUM

Günther Strauss on his international sales projects:

Companies often underestimate the complexity of building a sales network abroad. A WKO contact and financing commitment are not enough. It's often cultural misunderstandings or different perceptions of partnership that pose a hurdle. Over the years, I have built local, trustworthy partnerships in many countries. The PROJUM network is a valuable asset for my clients in international sales development."

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