Senior Project Management

PROJUM offers senior project management with a holistic approach, full project responsibility, and minimal administration. 

Successful project management starts at project initiation. 

What may sound mundane often proves to be the first major stumbling block in practice. The transition from 'Let's start a project.' to defining roles and tasks is sometimes a fluid process without specific guidelines.

The starting point

As a Senior PM, Günther Strauss understands the significance of an 'official' project initiation. His task is to form a suitable temporary organization to fulfill the project goals with clear role assignments, task allocations, and timelines. The result of the initiation process is a operative working project organization with aligned goals and resource planning. Constituting the project team and filling the leadership role as a project manager with expertise and empathy create the conditions for efficient work towards shared success.

"Project management is always a temporary management task without hierarchical means. This means that the project manager needs empathetic leadership qualities. Therefore, appreciation within the project is very important for PROJUM."

Key Success Factor Communication

Where personalities come together, human elements emerge. In addition to the technical aspects, Günther Strauss places importance on the human aspect of collaboration in project management. Establishing an appreciative project culture with open communication for both the team and the client enables early detection of conflicts and proactively addresses them. Methodologically, the experienced project manager relies on Big Picture, Kick-off, as well as agile planning and review methods.


Keep on Course

Throughout the project, dynamics inevitably arise. Altered market conditions, personnel changes, adjusted goals, etc., require professional and forward-thinking project steering. Günther Strauss employs methods that allow ongoing monitoring of goal achievement, tailored to timeframes and resource allocations. This can be initiated agilely with interim results (SCRUM) or, more traditionally, with milestones. The choice of methods always aligns with the desired project outcome and efficient implementation.


Reaching the Destination

Upon successful project completion, it's important to release the emotional ties after formal acceptance and, most importantly, to celebrate success! This aspect is often forgotten in the method portfolio but fosters a strong sense of unity and pride in workmanship. The Senior PM's task is to transition project results into the line organization or operations. After the formal and appreciative dissolution of the project organization, Günther Strauss hand over work to the follow-up operations organization. A summary of lessons learned is advisable to make subsequent projects even more effective.


Günther Strauss on his project successes:

"My national and international projects succeed because I coordinate the technical execution with a lot of team spirit, always keeping the business value and project requirements in focus. Through an open and appreciative communication culture, I quickly identify project crises in advance. This can save time and resource-intensive escalations. So far, I have been able to lead all my projects to final success within the given constraints." 

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